Tournament Rules

USA hockey’s “Zero Tolerance Policy” will be enforced for players, coaches and spectators


USA Hockey rules shall apply, except as modified by these rules. All teams, players and coaches must be registered with USA Hockey through their state registrar. The tournament committee will review credentials prior to the first tournament game, and anytime thereafter.

Team Credentials and Check-In

Prior to each team’s first tournament game, teams must provide the following information:
  1. USA Hockey roster signed by a USA Hockey registrar;
  2. Team contact information while in Park City.


Home Team - Dark Colored Jerseys (Home team is listed first on web site match listings) Away Team - Light Colored Jerseys

If a team does not have light & dark Jerseys, they must notify the Tournament Committee at least 1 hour prior to game time.

Before, During and After Games

All teams must arrive at the arena at least 45 minutes prior to game time. Teams are required to leave the locker rooms in excellent condition and free of trash after games are completed. No sticks are allowed in the locker rooms. Please be out of the locker room no later than 30 minutes after your game is completed. All teams must follow all posted Park City Ice Arena (or other ice arena) rules at all times. Only players, coaches and team officials are allowed in the locker rooms or on the benches or bench area. Please bring your own pucks for warm ups. Teams must be prepared to take the ice up to 15 minutes prior to the published game time.

Forfeiting Games

Teams may not forfeit games without the prior approval of the tournament committee. Teams are expected to play all of their games at their assigned times and locations. Forfeits will not be granted for inconvenient game times, locations or any other reasons not determined to be extraordinary by the tournament committee. Any team that has not taken the ice at the end of the 3 minute warm up period will be deemed to have forfeited the game. Any team that forfeits a game without the prior approval of the tournament committee will be removed from the tournament with no refund of fees.

Game Format

(pool / consolation / championship games)
  1. Games will be played at their scheduled time, unless notified by the tournament committee of any changes;
  2. Each game has 3 points which are awarded to the two teams as follows: Teams will be awarded three (3) points for a win, two (2) points for a shootout win, one (1) point for a shootout loss, and zero (0) points for a loss. If a game ends in a Tie and for any reason a Shootout is not completed to determine the winner, each team will receive 1.5 points;
  3. Each 10U and 12U game is scheduled for 1 hour, except championship games, which are scheduled for 1 hour, 15 minutes. 14U, 16U, and 18U games are all 1 hour, 15 minutes, except championship games, which are scheduled for 1 hour, 30 minutes;
  4. With the exception of championship games for 10U and 12U, a one (1) hour game curfew will be enforced. Dependent on time available the 3 rd period of each game may have run time applied to the clock. If teams are tied after regulation a 3 man shootout will be used. With the exception of consolation and championship games for 14U, 16U and 18U a one hour and fifteen minute curfew will be enforced. Dependent on time available the 3 rd period of each game may have run time applied to the clock. If teams are tied after regulation a 3 man shootout will be used;
  5. The referees and tournament director have the sole discretion to modify the timing of third period to complete the game within the curfew window. This could include changing to run time and/or shortening the period;
  6. Each game will have a 3:00 minute warm-up. Please bring your own pucks for warm up;
  7. Each team may have one (1) sixty second timeout per game, during regulation time;
  8. Games will consist of three periods of play.
    • For 10U, 12U:
      1. Periods 1 and 2 will be 13 minutes, stop time.
      2. Period 3 will be 13 minutes stop time dependent on curfew requirements.
    • For 14U, 16U, 18U:
      1. Periods 1 and 2 will be 14 minutes, stop time.
      2. Period 3 will be 14 minutes, stop time dependent on curfew requirements.
    • There will be a 60 second intermission between periods of play.
    • If the goal differential is five (5) or more goals in period 3, stop time will be modified to run time. If the goal differential becomes less than five (5) goals in period 3, run time will be modified to stop time.
    • Round Robin Shootouts – If a round-robin game is tied after three periods of play a 3 man shootout will be applied. The away team will shoot first. Teams have 30 seconds to determine their first 3 shooters and provide numbers to the official. If teams are tied after 3 shooters Sudden Death shootout will apply. Teams must use new shooters until all players have been used. Sudden Death Shootout will continue until one team wins.
    • Championship and Semi Final Overtime - If a semi-final or championship game is tied at the end of regulation time:
      1. Teams will play a 4 on 4 players, five (5) minute sudden death overtime period (stop time):
        1. Teams do not have a timeout during overtime.
        2. Teams do not switch ends for overtime.
      2. If the score is still tied after the five (5) minute sudden death overtime period:
        1. Teams will play a 5 player shoot out (not sudden death).
        2. If teams are still tied after the 5 player shoot out, proceed to sudden death shootout:
          1. Players used in the 5 player shoot out cannot participate in the sudden death shootout until all other players on their team have shot (excluding goalies & players in the penalty box).
        3. Any player in the penalty box at the end of the five (5) minute sudden death overtime period is not eligible for the shoot out, and must remain in the penalty box during the shoot out.
  9. For seeded games, the top seeded team is designated the home team.


  1. For 10U, 12U:
    1. 1:30 Minute - Minor Penalties
  2. For 14U, 16U, 18U:
    1. 2:00 Minute – Minor Penalties
  3. 5:00 Minute - Major Penalties
  4. 10:00 Minute - Misconducts
  5. The Park City High Mountain Shootout emphasizes sportsmanship. Please stress this with your coaches, parents and players. Fighting, abusive behavior, or unsportsmanlike conduct, including taunting at any time whether playing or observing will not be tolerated by players, coaches, or spectators.
  6. Any player receiving a fighting penalty (major) will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament.
  7. Any player receiving a major, other than fighting (5 minute penalty) along with a game misconduct penalty will be suspended for the next game of the tournament. The Tournament Committee and the local supervisor of officials may impose an additional penalty up to and including suspension from all tournament games.
  8. Any player that receives five (5) penalties (minors + majors) in one game will receive a game misconduct penalty and will be suspended for the next game of the tournament.
  9. If a team receives 15 penalties in one game, this will result in the coach receiving a game misconduct penalty, and that coach will be suspended for the next game in the tournament.
  10. Game officials and tournament officials are empowered to call abuse penalties in the immediate area of the arena, especially for any unsportsmanlike behavior or taunting. Players not actively participating in a game, assessed such a penalty will sit a minimum 10 minute misconduct prior to participating in their next game, and may be removed from all tournament play.
  11. Any player removed from the ice for violation of playing rules must immediately proceed to the team locker room and remain inside the locker room until teams have completed the game and left the ice. A registered team official must accompany the removed player until the completion of the game. Failure to remain in the locker room will result in suspension from the tournament.
  12. Any spectator ejected for violation of the USA Hockey Zero Tolerance policy for parents and spectators will be banned from attending and/or participating in all remaining activities during the tournament. In addition, any spectator will not be allowed entry into any portion of the rink property. Should a spectator attempt to gain access at any time during the tournament after ejection, the coach of the team this spectator is affiliated with will be held responsible for immediate removal of the spectator.
  13. The Tournament Committee, in collaboration with the on-ice officials, reserves the right to declare a game official prior to the end of regulation time if the teams involved refuse to play hockey and are behaving in an unsportsmanlike manner, or in any manner deemed detrimental to the game of hockey.

Tie-Breaker Rules

For the purposes of seeding teams in pool play, if two or more teams have an equal number of points, their position in the standings shall be determined by the following tie-breaker rules:
  1. Winner of head-to-head competition.
If teams are still tied, then tie-breaker bonus points are calculated as follows for the purpose of breaking the tie between teams:
  1. Teams will be awarded one (1) point for a win of five goals or more;
  2. Teams will be awarded one (1) point for winning by shut out;
  3. Teams will be deducted one (1) point for losing by shut out.
If teams are still tied after bonus point assignment, then the tie breaker goes to:
  1. Fewest goals against;
  2. Least amount of penalty minutes;
  3. Flip of a coin (We will try to have a rep from each team present. We reserve the right to have tournament staff conduct the coin toss if representation is not possible).


Only approved vendors will be allowed within the ice facility (which includes the parking lots). This includes, but is not limited to, apparel, photographs, video, food and merchandise. Any person(s) or business that is found to be performing sales or promoting any items without a contract or permission from Park City Ice Miners will be ejected from the tournament and the building for the duration of the tournament.

Off-Ice Officials

Each team is required to have an adult in their team’s respective penalty box. The Tournament Committee or representative on duty will be an off-ice official and may call and issue penalties through the on-ice officials.


Protests can be reviewed under the following criteria:
  1. Must be made by the designated Team Manager to the Tournament Director;
  2. Must pay a $100 non-refundable protest fee;
  3. Protests can only be made for disputed player eligibility;
  4. Penalty calls, suspension, or any call made by any official, on ice or off, cannot be protested.